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Information about teaching in the first period of the autumn semester

Södertörn University will offer only limited teaching on campus in the first period of the autumn semester (31/8-29/9) because we must continue to contribute to reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

Student läser på en surfplatta

In the current circumstances, planning teaching for the autumn semester 2020 is an extremely complex issue. Following the decision of the Swedish Government, the university may open up for some teaching on campus, provided that we, as a public agency, follow the recommendations for reducing the spread of the virus in the community. Campus Flemingsberg also has a special situation because we share public transport, escalators and open spaces with staff from Karolinska University Hospital, among others.

Staff at the university are currently working hard to investigate how can best use university premises to welcome both current students and new students in the autumn. For the first period, our aim is to provide new students the best possible welcome, as well as enabling students on courses and programmes with practical elements to do these on campus and striving to reduce infection.

Where to find more information

General information for students will be available on an ongoing basis via link and specific information for your course or programme will be published on SH-StudyWeb. If you have applied for courses or programmes that start in the autumn, information will be published on link in July.

Please note that this information applies to period 1 (31/8–29/9) of the autumn semester and that information about the rest of the semester will be announced in early autumn.

Finally, we wish to thank you for your cooperation at this time! We look forward to eventually being able to meet you, without restrictions, here on campus.


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