Sustainable development and the environment at Södertörn University


Södertörn University works with sustainable development in education and research and strives to minimise the university's environmental footprint. This work is supported by an environmental management system.

Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy

Södertörn University provides education and research in the humanities, social sciences, technology and natural science. As a modern and innovative university, Södertörn University shall conduct active and responsible environmental work, locally, regionally and globally, to ensure that current and future generations are guaranteed a healthy, good environment. The university shall strive for long-term, continual environmental work that builds upon constant improvement. The applicable environmental legislation and other environmental requirements relevant to the university are the foundation of the environmental work conducted at Södertörn University.

Södertörn University shall, through integrating sustainability in the organisation, systematically prevent and reduce its environmental impact and increase its positive effect on the environment. In addition, the environment shall be considered in all decisions relating to operations, including education, research and administration. The university shall also conduct regular internal environmental audits to ensure that set targets are achieved.

Active participation from staff and students is a prerequisite for the success of Södertörn University's environmental work. The university shall also convey awareness of issues relating to sustainability and the environment to staff and students, and create the right conditions for providing students with the relevant competence in these issues in relation to their education, so promoting new ideas and actions in the field of sustainable development. Similarly, research and external relations shall also integrate aspects of sustainable development. The central administration shall be environmentally aware and work efficiently with its resources.

During tendering and purchasing processes, Södertörn University shall consider the environment and prioritise measures in the order in which they have the greatest effect in relation to their cost. In addition, the university shall continually work to reduce its consumption of power and materials, and to reduce its emissions to land, air and water.


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