About the library for new students

Welcome to the library. You can sit here and study, and you can borrow your course literature as well as other books. We provide you with access to many databases and e‑books, on and off campus. If you have a reading impairment, we can help you to get talking books. We can also support you in searching for literature for your essay.

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Get started

In order to fully use the library you need a library card with a pincode and an SH account or RKH account to access e‑resources.

  • Library card: If you are a student at SH, just use your SH card. If you are a student at RKH or SMI you will have to get a separate library card at the information desk. Don't forget to bring ID. Regardless of where you study, you will also need a pincode to borrow. Select a pincode External link..
  • Account to access e-resources: As a student at SH, use your SH account to access e-resources off campus. As a student at RKH, use your RKH account. As a student at SMI you cannot access e-resources off campus, but can view some of our e-resources when you visit the library.

Opening hours

Summer opening hours 2022 from 6 June



6 June


7 June–1 July

8:30–15:00, open only on weekdays.

24 June


2 July–7 August

Closed for visitors. Contact us via phone or email on weekdays at 10:00–14:00.

8–21 August

8:30–15:00, open only on weekdays

Closed on all Saturdays and Sundays 11 June–21 August.
Regular opening hours from 22 August.

You can see all current opening hours on the page Contact and opening hours. Today's opening hours are always displayed on the bottom of the library's start page.


We have all the course literature you might need for your course, but you may have to wait for your turn. Don't forget to reserve the books you need. In the day loan room, you will every morning find one copy of each course book. We also have a vast variety of other books, and through us you can access many databases, journals and e-books. See more about our material on the page Library collections. Read more about loan periods and more on the page Borrow.

Talking books, e-text and Braille

Have you got a reading impairment and need to get your course literature in accessible format, for example as talking books from Legimus? Read more about the library's support for students with disabilities, or make an appointment with our Accessible Media Service team.

Study environment

The library has a range of study environments for different needs and purposes. There are quiet areas where you can sit in peace, and other areas for group studies.

Computers and printers

We have stationary computers for you to use. There are two printer rooms where you can print either from a library computer or your own, if you are an SH student.

Tutoring in information seeking and the Study Support Unit

The library offer tutorials in information seeking, and help in handling references, if you are writing an essay.

In the library you will also find the Study support unit, which offers guidance, courses and lectures in academic writing, academic speaking and study techniques. It also provides help with references and essay writing. Read more about the study support unit here.


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