Recommendations due to the coronavirus pandemic

We have gathered all the recommendations for students at Södertörn University for autumn 2020.

Risk of unexplored wrecks becoming environmental hazards

Unexplored, these wrecks also risk being used as pawns in a political game.


08 Mar

A Forgotten Women’s Organization? The WIDF, in between Women’s History and Cold War Studies

CBEES Advanced Seminar with Yulia Gradskova, associate professor in History, lecturer in Gender Studies, Södertörn University; Associate Researcher, Stockholm University, Department of History.

19 Mar

Julieta Rotaru - Docent Lecture

MapRom. Concluding a project, ushering ways forward

22 Mar

Three decades of post-Soviet economies: from the myth of transition to state capitalism and beyond

Join the second roundtable of the series "1991-2021: Thirty Years After"!

22 Mar

Unlocking the golden past of the Rudari woodworkers in Romania (Methodological remarks)

CBEES Advanced Seminar with Julieta Rotaru, Associate Professor in Romani Studies, Södertörn University

12 Apr

Human Acclimatisation to Arctic Environments and Soviet Ideologies in Northern Medical Laboratories

CBEES Advanced Seminar with Dmitry Arzyutov, PhD in anthropology, PhD candidate in history of science/environmental history (Stockholm, KTH)

07 May

Dietary Reform in Baltic and East Central Europe, ca 1850–1950: People, Ideas, Institutions and Objects

An international workshop supported by the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES).

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