Recommendations due to the coronavirus pandemic

We have gathered all the recommendations for students at Södertörn University for autumn 2021.

Due to the war in Ukraine

Compiled information due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


23 May
16 Jun
24 May
25 May

Sino-Indo-Hellenica 2022

A virtual conference, jointly arranged by Mid Sweden University and Södertörn University on May 24th–25th, 2022, exploring the development of political thought and philosophy in the ancient world from a global point of view. Call for papers open for submission!

30 May

Samizdat: Researching the Reader of Underground Literature

CBEES Advanced Seminar with Josephine von Zitzewitz, Lecturer in Russian at New College, University of Oxford

01 Jun
03 Jun

5th Nordic Challenges Conference 1-3 June 2022, "Nordic Neighbourhoods: Affinity and Distinction in the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond"

The research programme Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNEW) together with the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) would like to invite you to the 5th Nordic Challenges Conference "Nordic Neighbourhoods: Affinity and Distinction in the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond".

01 Jun

Economics and Reinvent seminar: Residential segregation

Martin Korpi and Daniel Halvarsson, Ratio, will present the paper "Segregation, tipping and the role of amenities, crime and housing" that explores the pace of ethnic segregation over time. Are developments linear or subject to structural breakes? Which factors mitigates or exacerbates segregation?

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